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“A stencil is essentially a template which can be painted through with a paint-brush or spray-paint”. (Manco, 2002) It is known that first usage of stencil was happened in early ages of humankind. They used their hands as a stencil and  then paint through it to the walls of cave. Through the time, it has been used for different purposes like for political expression and gathering, functional use on wayfinding signs, nametags to gain fame by artist and guerilla marketing. “Whatever the message or motivation, all stencils become part of our environment. As they become absorbed into the city walls and as we discover them, they become part of our experience; they become, ultimately, part of us”. (Manco, 2002: 15)


On this study, it has been collected hundreds of stencil in the streets of Kadıköy. The method of “Street reading” is used, 13 kilometers walked and recorded on map. By absorbing 3 hours and 44 minutes walk, 300 photos of stencil graphiti is taken. The main purpose of this study is documentation of stencils in Kadıköy. 

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